About Us

Our company is built on a few basic principles -

  • Extraordinary stuff for extraordinary people. Not everybody wants to dress the same or follow the same lifestyle or interests, we are all unique, so show yourself.
  • Customer Service - If you're not happy, we're not happy, nobody's happy!
  • Quality - Even if it costs a bit more.

We are crazy, passionate people just like the folk who buy our stuff.

Cara - Young, hot, blond, postgraduate Graphic Designer responsible for the look & feel of Working Whatnot & the buying of the right stuff.
Loves - Anime, Graphic, Design and Movies.
Hates - Arrogance, Pumpkins, and Animal Cruelty.

Gail - Old biddy of Working Whatnot, co-founder, co-buyer & driver of Working Whatnot marketing.
Loves - Movies, Sci-Fi and Dogs.
Hates - Broken Fried Eggs, Animal Cruelty and Rom Coms.